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Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Sounds Of Silence

We live in noisy time. Streets echo with the roar of traffic. Construction projects boom and bang in down-towns, neighborhoods, suburbs. We fill our ears and elevators with playlist from iPods, our homes and cars with surround sound. Sports events blast out marches, cheers, and taunts.

Many farm and factory workers in earlier generations lost much hearing from the din of clanking machinery. Young people damage their ears at rock concerts and with earphones as they shop. Even at worship services some sound-control people seem to lock the volume on "freight train" level.

The damage caused by noise is not a new discovery. It reaches far deeper than our ears. Centuries ago English poet John Milton portrayed hell as a place of unending noise-of  "howling and roaring and screeching and yelling. If we bathe ourselves in noise, we might never soak in the silence of God. We may never exalt or "lift up" the name of God even above ourselves-to say nothing of exalting God. God among the nations.

Take a survey of your daily activities. how many are filled with sound? Are you letting noise drown out or make you forget things you should hear? Do you forget your family? Your job? God? How can you turn down the volume in your life and find some silence for God? 

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